My Bang and Olufsen Collection

I have gathered these many antique radios and other items from near and far over the last more than 25 years, with the intention that they would one day end up in a radio museum or a major radio collection, in order to help tell the great story of the Tube Radio Days through the early day products of Bang & Olufsen - this great Danish company, which is now the World´s absolute Premier Luxury Brand within Home Entertainment.

The great days of Tube Radio...1925-1949

Standard Universal 40, 1940

Beolit 41, 1941

The entire collection consists of more than 150 Bang & Olufsen pieces of different age and standards including lots of very, very rare products, ranging from the very first commercially viable Bang & Olufsen product; the Eliminator from 1926 - of which I have several - over one of the very first radios the 4-lamper to the wonderful Hyperbo Senior 37, over many, many more different products, representing the designs of the times, up through the next 4 decades, as well as different  auxiliary items to support the story of the products.

My vision has always been to collect enough different and diverse vintage Bang & Olufsen products to make an interesting, coherent, representative and experience-filled exhibition.

Or several  theme- or time based exhibitions, telling the exciting story of both design and technology, through these very rare and beautiful B&O products over the years.

The collection is unique and rare in that most of these products are impossible or very hard to come by these days. Most of them are not traded in the markets. Finding them one at a time is enormously difficult nowadays - and finding them all is almost impossible.The products have been gathered in various ways from remote parts of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Many of them still work. Not all are functional, as they have primarily  been selected for Museum display purposes based on their rarity and storytelling function.

You will not see this in very many private collections but you can see something similar in Bang & Olufsens own collection in Struer, Denmark and among serious collectors worldwide

If you have an interest in renting or buying the entire collection, please contact me

The very first ...




                One of the Pearl pieces of the collection, I think, is the Eliminator type 0,1 from 1927

  1. -the very first of the different Eliminators that later followed. It is quite small and extremely unique.


This rare piece has been gifted to the private collection of the late H.E. Sheikh Saoud bin Muhammad bin Ali Al Thani of Qatar, in connection with our reciprocal visits in April/May 2013



The Eliminators

I have also managed to obtain 2 of the later models, that were somewhat bigger and with greater capacity to replace the large batteries that were in use at that time.


...& the Eliminator Type 0,3 (5) - in very nice condition


This 4 Lamper from 1930 is a wonderfully restored piece, of which you do not see many. 

This one has recently been refurbished in Struer - a rarity indeed !


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A reconditioned Senior 37 from 1937

Bang & Olufsen Transformer, 1927-37

I own several of these



Hyperbo 37 RG

A very rare and functionally restored piece from 1937, when it was the hottest of the hottest in living room design in its day.

- Can still play those 78´s




B&O Master 38 RG, 1938

Master 38 K, 1938

- several pieces

         Master de Luxe 38, 1938

                                                                                                        -several pieces




Master 39, 1939 - several pieces


Beolit 40, 1940

The beautiful successor successor to the Beolit 39




                                 Original colourful advertisements of different models from the 1940s






Master 41 Bakelite, 1941                                    Master 41 K, 1941

Master 41, 1941                                                   Master de Luxe 41, 1941

Standard Universal 41, 1941                             Beolit 41, 1942

Standard Universal 42, 1942                             Maximus 43 K, 1943


                                                Grand Prix 44 K, 1944

I have several of the Grand Prix models from the years of World War 2, when they were very popular, and came out every year with a new model.


         Master 44 RG, 1944                                        Maximus 45 B, 1945






  Mini 47, 1947

Beolit 48, 1948

A very rare and unusual bakelite piece, of which you do not see many around.







                                                               The Beocord 48 U, 1948


                                                        Master de Luxe 413 K, 1949

                                                                “The Butcher Weight”

                                                                    The Jet 505, 1949









           See the entire collection here

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